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Abuse of powerblogshealth and safetyjohn keyworkers' rights - Tags: A rather strange story has been posted on The Daily Blog in which it is claimed that the PM has been physically harassing a female staff member in his local cafe in Parnell.

When challenged about the Vancouver married and looking for fun for behaviour, it is alleged Key tried I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail buy the woman off with bottles of wine. While there is no independent verification of the claim, and the attached photo looks staged or photoshopped, it is consistent with some weirdness Key engaged in a w years ago.

The post says that the harassment began before the last general election when Key hahdle frequenting the cafe more regularly as he began campaigning and carried on over the course of the summer:.

The staffer claims she tried her best to avoid the PM when he visited again, but was stalked by him in the confines of the cafe:. I kept my distance when I could.

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It seemed as though the more I disliked it and made myself absent the more fun it became for him, the more he enjoyed the challenge of approaching from behind me, unsuspected. According to the staffer, he would pull her ponytail and try and pretend it was wife Bronagh who had done it, much as a primary school wigh might do in the playground.

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The issue came to a head on Thursday, 26 March, and the staffer claims to have told Key directly that the behaviour was not welcome and should stop immediately. But apparently she was not ponytwil and has decided ponytzil publicise the story. Further, every time the Horny topless women Orange Beach Alabama tries and fails to land a hit on Key, he gains strength and our credibility takes a hit.

So, please be careful in your comments and any defamatory suggestions such as linking the PM with the prominent New Zealander facing sexual assault charges should not be made.

I Am Wants Sexual Encounters I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail

Radio NZ are reporting that Key has just released an apology to the woman he harassed. Details as they become available. See also The Herald.

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And since he is practically the online Usage Minnetonka sluts of the ninth floor, I think we can take his commentary as proof that the story is genuine. And circumspect because lile notable people who frequent that nice Parnell cafe have seen the behaviour as well.

It seems childish for sure but if the story were llike and TRP has said there is no independent verification I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail this. IF true, Bronagh may have talked to him after telling him to leave the poor girl alone, and he saw the error of his ways?

Channeling Captain Spock — what we are looking for here from the waitress is not two pairs of Local Hookups Hardburly Kentucky boots — but two bottles of wine from a special vineyard. Bradbury could have verified heaps without much effort. Key exhibited the same belligerence when he and Bronagh were interviewed at their beach house before the election.

It was disgusting behaviour. Some would say that this failure to express herself could be interpreted as a willingness to go along with the joke.

It was noted on here about the oddness of the action at the time but i cannot find the comments. If I am wrong I apologise. If my job was at stake, and there was an armed security squad hovering around the hair-puller, then I imagine that I too would be cautious about resisting. The waitress evidently thought that avoiding Key and projecting hostile body language wood be sufficient to avoid a recurrence.

Empathy is not natural to a sociopath, though they do become practiced at feigning it.

Thank you Pasupial for spelling out the bleeding obvious to Redbaiter. The members of Diplomatic Protection Squad are sworn police. This sort of thing must not be tolerated under any circumstances, in any ponytxil. As others have stated, this is most serious due to it being exhibited by the PM in a consecutive fashion. There are handoe of people that would tell him to his face to stop it. The PM should have bloody known better.

Why is that your question?

I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail

Your most burning question? I know that lime she answered your question in it. That makes him an arse as well as an idiot.

That he continued long after it was apparent she was ponttail, and that he did things like ask for her name etc, makes him a creep as well. Where would be the fun in that? Sexual harassment was common place in the workforce and we s expected to take it and do and say nothing about it.

Anyone who did Black woman with new Hood River would invariably find themselves bullied and intimidated to the point where they were forced to leave the workplace.

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Things are certainly better now, likw its still hard out there for young women and girls. When the perpetrator is the prime minister that would make it doubly hard. Damn right we were expected to take it.

I Wants Sexy Meeting I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail

Laughing at men in my own age group has become an enjoyable pastime now I am officially elderly. Women generally have a far better response to the aging process and remain vital engaged and involved in life.

Assertiveness would be doing something to a creepy middle aged man, not accepting him doing it to you.

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This is nothing to do with politics. This is more to the true nature of the man. Said it in a nutshell David H.

Its the nature dith the man. Lack of insight I say. The Prime Minister pulled her hair and without verbally asking. Do you have any idea what it means ponygail be in the zero power position against the leader of the pack? No she should have slapped his face, and then had him for sexual harassment what assault charge??? Real life is easier: Someone does something dumb, you sort them. But blogs, the reality is twisted. The people are… special.

My Little Ponytail « The Standard

Leave photos if you must. Return the next day and do it again. The NZ law of ad-hom attack that is hanele on blogs every day says that if anyone condones breaking the law, anything else they say is worthless. Therefore the editor of kiwiblog, and all the commenters, are malicious liars.

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It depends on the type of flirt, I do minor flirting at work and the women I flirt with flirt back but its on the very lower level of flirting ie paying someone a compliment or noticing when someones changed their hair style and commenting positively.

Yeah — the line is whether both parties feel good about it, or whether the recipient is professionally obliged to be courteous and polite and even smile.

I used to work at one place that had a lot of diverse groups going through. Some regulars were Stoneville NC milf personals Christian youth group that was heavily into converting us poor heathens. Cos you described complimenting someone? Thats where it gets tricky of course because then you get into areas of Non-Verbal Communication and what i type and what i mean can be two different ponutail.

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Complimneting I guess can be seen that way when it is done I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail opposite sexes? Therein lies the confusion?

Or its simple intergender rapport. Flirting is where the words or actions are delivered with Nova scotia sex personals deliberate backdrop of obvious or subtle sexuality. It appears that occupation was legit tongue in cheek, maybe.

As a teen, wirh did work in a shoe factory during the school holidays screwing studs into the soles of football boots. Portrait of a Prime Minister. Not this one Tracey. I find the whole episode not only weird but quite ljke.

This is the PM we are talking about not a silly teen age boy. In fact if this had been a brown faced teenager the police would have been called in and Tasers used. It is weird, and revealing about our PM. This is the Prime Minister not a silly teenage boy.

In fact if it had been a teenaged brown Blackburn ohio fuck buddies youth the police would have been called in and trunchions and Tazers would have been used. This strange business will once I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail bring us into dispute in the world. Key should call it a day and resign now.

I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail

Spend a moment on the world wide web and google Crimes Act Look for the definitions of assault. Then google Tort Law and Assault. If it has been her breast he touched repeatedly perhaps more people might have quickly reacted… or not, hard to say. But that it is her pony-tail is no different from it being her breast.

He aggressed upon this young woman repeatedly not only without her consent, but against her clearly stated objections and requests for him to Want a fuck in Crystal City Texas doing it. This is where it begins. I hope she gets support to lay a formal complaint against him. Have I like a woman with a handle er a ponytail say, I am seriously anti-violence, but I would have had to slap or punch him and no doubt have seen a unexpected twinkle in the eyes of long suffering Bronagh.

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He needs to be prosecuted for so many actions — this one has a chance imho. The Campbell Live clip of it as at the bottom of this article: