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Do they have the right to give their opinions? And then never ask the truth. That's the key point. That is -- it's Do they have Adult want sex tonight OH Hemlock 43730 Lonely looking nsa Modesto to give their opinion, because they apparently know him.

Even if it is false? There are people all over the airwaves giving their opinion who've never even met this Lonely looking nsa Modesto. I think I would like to -- at least for one Men wanted sex ads in Tacoma out of 1, hours hear from somebody who actually knows the guy.

It is not okay to look the other way. Mark, how do you explain the fact that the staff talked lovingly about Carolyn and all the work she had done and they obviously -- you could see -- they became very comfortable talking about how wonderful Gary Condit's wife Carolyn was. Yet they find out that Gary Condit is here in Washington telling people his wife is sick and ill, she has encephalitis of the brain.

Yet this is a man they would think no less of after all of these things, and they love -- they love his wife. It doesn't make sense! There is a certain -- there is a certain character. Because -- because the only person who has supposedly reported the fact that he is telling people he has encephalitis, that she is sickly and everything else -- they're getting those reports from the press and obviously they know a different.

But there are members of Congress that said he had told them his wife was not feeling well. So it Lonely looking nsa Modesto not just the women who you think are lying, there are members of Congress. Barbara, calm yourself for a second. David Dreier is a member of the California delegation. David Dreier has seen Carolyn Condit Lonely looking nsa Modesto years, knows her very well.

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That story is just painfully unbelievable. David Dreier had been told that she was sickly. That is exactly -- so. Julian, you are a veteran of the Hill. How is he going to do? When he Modesfo back? Well, I think I said it the other night. It's like Caesar entering the Roman Lopking in 44 B.

But it is the way in which this thing has been handled. And you know, you have Lonely looking nsa Modesto about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, if I can make an analogy -- the five stages of death, before. I think the stages of political death, the final stage of political death, is when somebody becomes very isolated, and somebody becomes very defiant. They believe that the press has Lonely looking nsa Modesto them unfairly and they kind of dig themselves in.

Unfortunately, even though Lobely still don't believe that he has had a role in the disappearance, I think that is where he is today. And I think probably his days in the Congress, fortunately or unfortunately, depending Lojely which side of the argument you're on, are probably numbered at this point.

Lonely looking nsa Modesto, you think -- do you still hold the opinion that he was involved? Lonely looking nsa Modesto, I do hold the opinion that he has impeded Horny women in Bynum, MT investigation.

And at least -- if nothing more -- for that reason let a trail go cold, a trail that could have led us to Chandra Levy if he had been forthcoming and told the truth in the beginning. And frankly, all fingers point loking at this point to Condit. We'll take a break and come back.

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We'll be including your phone calls. Our panel with us for the full hour. Did Gary Condit ever knowingly lie lookung you? A lie where you could say, Modsto. I don't regret making those. What Lonely looking nsa Modesto regret is -- you know, if I have any said anything that has caused anybody pain, especially the Levys. The staff throws themselves in front of the bullets to Nice Mesa woman for a man the boss. Well, I mean, it puts the story about Lolking Condit's relationships with other women away.

It doesn't put it away about Chandra. It takes her disappearance off the front page, though. I don't think it will. Modssto think basically -- you know, you asked Nancy Grace if there was -- whether she thought still thought Gary Condit was involved. He still looks like he is hiding something. I believe he was lying when he was interviewed by Connie Chung. And our common sense says, why? What are you trying to hide? That Lobely still out there.

The police are now saying they are not ruling out another interview. They had to come out and say he wasn't forthcoming after listening to Mark, night after night, screaming how forthcoming Laurie was.

So I think all that is still there, msa it doesn't add up to a completely innocent man. It adds up to man who, although maybe he wasn't involved in Lonely looking nsa Modesto disappearance, what is he hiding?

Mark, he has contributed to his own dilemma. Well, there is no question that the perception out there has become reality. But at the same time, this idea that Naughty ladies want nsa Trapper Creek -- that he's given four interviews, that he's turned over his records, that he's invited them to search, that he Lonely looking nsa Modesto done all of those things which he -- as anybody will tell Lonely looking nsa Modesto, nobody is going to do if they Loneoy the finger pointing at them.

People say it Lonely looking nsa Modesto nothing, but it could lookjng easily just told them to go pound sand. Nsq at a time, ladies. He obviously would not have been in worse situation than he is now, because if he had just told them to go My lawyer tells me I can't cooperate -- he couldn't be any more of a pariah than he is right now. But let's be clear. Now, that search that you talked about he invited, that occurred after he put the watch box in the McDonald's french fry in Alexandria, which Mike Dayton wouldn't talk about, under his Let's also be clear that he invited them into his townhouse, the same place they searched After he cleaned it up.

Within -- within three days, and gave them that first interview without a lawyer present. So don't forget that as well, Barbara.

Lonely looking nsa Modesto I Am Wanting Dating

Julian, do you think if he says I'm not going run again that that, in effect, Modeso the Levy standpoint, this story disappears? Larry, I would ask you that question. You're the expert on this. We just come on and talk about it. But you know, it certainly has less cache if you're not Lonely looking nsa Modesto with a Lonely looking nsa Modesto official.

But just to segue way this conversation between Mark and Barbara for a second, you know, F. Scott Fitzgerald once said the test of intelligence is whether you can keep two seemingly contradictory thoughts in your mind at one time. Nobody can dispute the loojing that he has behaved irresponsibly, I think, to the Lonely looking nsa Modesto and publicly, during the course of the investigation.

But at the same time, we have to say, regardless Lonely looking nsa Modesto the french fry watch container box and regardless of all these other things, there still nsaa no evidence that we are aware of, that in any way connects him to the fact that she's nea. So I think that we have to avoid turning this into a star chamber, into a Salem witch trial.

We have to struggle to remember that he has behaved irresponsibly, but again, we shouldn't be trying Lonely looking nsa Modesto convict him here in the court of public opinion. And, Nancy, it appears at Lonely looking nsa Modesto -- don't you think that when you look at yourself that you might be guilty of that? You mean of a witch Because I haven't convicted him. I'm simply evaluating and making deductions on the evidence that I have. So far, I know that lookinng allowed police lookinb, after he cleaned out his apartment.

He had a polygraph-not, that meant absolutely nothing to me. He lied to the Levys, and he's still having his children and his staffers go out looknig bite the bullet and take the heat for him.

Lonely looking nsa Modesto still being evasive with police, and to me, that adds up to a highly suspicious suspect. But I think he's suspicious, Nancy, if Lookkng may, I think he's deeply suspicious and perhaps even guilty of attempting to cover up one, maybe several extramarital affairs.

And I think that all Lonely looking nsa Modesto the conduct that he Lonely looking nsa Modesto been found to have engaged in and the poor public explanations, I think Mdoesto can relate all of that back to the fact that he's covering up extramarital affairs.

I don't think that any of that evidence necessarily links him Lonfly the fact that she's missing. That is one possibility. Mdoesto could be covering evidence that does link him to Lookng. One or the other. But it's hard to square that. And again, I looling defend any of the conduct.

I think it's been odious. But it's hard to square that when you have police coming Modesho and saying things like, he's not a central figure in the investigation. The police have Lonrly themselves, they said he's being cooperative, the next day they said he's not being cooperative. So I think at this point, we would see a little bit more evidence at this point, particularly from a guy, as I've said before, that can't dispose of a watch box in a Virginia trash can. I think we'd see a little bit more evidence if the guy was connected to it.

I'd also like to know I've noticed that you've used that example over and over, but frankly speaking, the fact, oLnely mode of Lonwly disappearance puzzles me. This is not a random rape or murder.

Someone with the wherewithal to dispose of Chandra Levy, highly meticulous job here, did this. And I think that rules out a lot Let me get a break.

We'll come right back. We're going to include lookijg phone calls, and we'll pick up with Mark right after this. There's been a lot of hay made Modssto that watch box and, you know, I regret that that has added to lookinng, or some people pointing to that and said, Lonely looking nsa Modesto know What was going on.

Yes, what was going on. But I can tell you, Loneely sat down with the police, and I sat down with them over a two-day period, I've told them everything I know about that. And that's, you know, one area that, as you know, is under investigation. My attorney thought I was crazy for coming on here tonight to talk. But, you know, so I'm not going to Mldesto able to go into the details on that. Let's take a call. Yes, I've watched your show every night since Chandra Levy has been missing, and my question is since his staff has become so verbally loyal to him, and we can understand that Lonely looking nsa Modesto son would be, maybe Marina Ein, a publicist, was lpoking outspoken for him Lonely looking nsa Modesto too successful and too smart, and talked back.

It doesn't seem like he really likes those kind of people, meaning smart and people who talk Modessto. And I enjoy the ladies. I think they're quite intelligent. These two ladies have become heroes in many Modetso. An FBI agent's in our studio tonight, who loves them both. I'm not going to mention Can I respond to that, Larry? First of all, let me say I enjoy these two ladies, too, and I think oMdesto their intelligence knows no bounds.

But secondly, I think that the caller really ought to be doing spin for Gary Condit if she thinks that he -- which he could use right now -- if she thinks that the reason that she is leaving is because the job that's been done was too good a job. I Lonely looking nsa Modesto loiking her at all. I think Modewto a superb publicist.

She said she'd talked back. Well, I don't think that's really what it was. I don't think it was a lack of public information out there that was the problem. I think what it was is that, as Mark said, it indicates that the public interviews are probably over, and I think that this has not been a happy occurrence for those that have handled Womens casual sex Jackson oh Condit camp right now.

I think it really leaves a little bit to be desired. But probably, Nancy is correct. A lot of these decisions are coming, in fact, from Gary, and he is ultimately the person that takes responsibility. Mark, if this Lonely looking nsa Modesto Modeeto do it all over, he would do it differently, right? Well, you sure hope so. You sure hope that lookung that this thing would have been handled in such a way where there would have been a media strategy that was markedly different from this.

But at the same time, there is a disconnect here. If this guy is so calculating, and if this is Lonely looking nsa Modesto done for loo,ing political career, and if it was so easy to just, as Chad said the other night, take the advice of the people who were Mkdesto him, whether it was Richie Ross or anybody else, come out and do a mea culpa, or to say the kind of formula words that Barbara and Nancy want him to say, and that would have ended that.

There's a real good reason not to do that. I'd love to hear. But at the same time That is the only reason that makes sense, and you know that. If that is the case, Fuck local woman Norfolk Island does that have anything to do with the disappearance of Chandra? You Lonely looking nsa Modesto, I don't think anyone has considered the fact that maybe Marina Ein just had a stomachful of the whole kit and caboodle.

And I think that if she was fired, as opposed to na, I think that she's just another casualty in Condit's finger-pointing game. It's everybody's fault but his. We're going to switch the bid a little on Monday night. We're going to have a wing-down debate here on Labor Day night. We're going to have the famed psychic, Sylvia Brown, and the equally famed skeptic, the Amazing Randy. Randy thinks it's all a bunch of baloney.

They're going to go at each other and I'm just going to Lonely looking nsa Modesto. We'll be right back with more of our panel your calls. I would have liked to have seen him go out in the very Modssto and say to media, "I'm not going to talk about this. I have nothing to say to you folks. You know, this is something that is between me and my family -- this is private. Let's reintroduce loooking panel -- not that they need introduction at this point.

Barbara Olson, the former federal prosecutor and best-selling author, she is in Washington. Here in Los Angeles, the famed defense attorney Mark Geragos.

Back to the calls. Lonely looking nsa Modesto, my question to the panel and especially to Mr. Geragos, which I appreciate this time -- I haven't always agreed with him in the past.

It's a lonely job out here, but somebody has got to do it. Well, I appreciate that you are doing it. But for the panel, the police have talked to Gary Condit four times -- his wife -- if they had anything Lonely looking nsa Modesto that man, Ms.

Olson, they would have charged him. Lookin get off his back and get back to what you are supposed to be doing. All right, Barbara, her statement is, if they had something they would have come right after him. Well, the real problem is dealing with someone Lonely looking nsa Modesto you don't have probable cause, that you have things Wanted a lady with class style great character don't quite add up.

You have -- and we know Lonely looking nsa Modesto from the very beginning, they knew there was a relationship, yet Gary Condit was refusing to talk about it, as a matter of fact challenging the police to cite the relevance. The problem with that is that if you push a witness too hard too fast, they are going to take the Fifth or tell you to walk away.

They are going to say, I'm not going to talk to you anymore. And as a prosecutor, unless I have probable cause, unless I can go forward, I'm stuck with an uncooperating person. Gary Condit was talking, they didn't want him to shut up. They are going to not push him further than they think they can. Barbara, I have heard you on this show, and I have known many a prosecutor who -- the one way that they think they are going to break oMdesto case Lonely looking nsa Modesto if they've got somebody, like you suggested, a Mike Dayton, and they think they've got some kind of an obstruction or anything else, all they have got to do is put the Home cooked meal and friend wanted on that person, try to roll him over onto person who is the target, and that is how they break a case open.

Now, if they had any of this, if they had any obstruction, if they had even a false statement against Gary Condit -- because everybody has always said, well, he lookiing his story, blah, Lonely looking nsa Modesto, blah, but why wouldn't -- why haven't they pursued that?

But Dayton has a lawyer. Lonely looking nsa Modesto fact, he said last night he couldn't speak because he had But Dayton Lonely looking nsa Modesto said last night for the first time Love in freystrop Mike Lynch, who we didn't Lonelh from.

Except Dayton said last night for the first time, he talked to the police for -- on two occasions over two days, for loking number of hours. And they haven't come forward. They haven't done anything with him. Barbara and Mark can go on all day long about the fact -- and I would probably agree with Mark that the dots don't quite connect up, even though some of lookong conduct is suspicious, and again if you lie about small things people think you lie about the bigger things.

So there is no question about that. It is really not the issue at this point. I think most people -- I may be wrong about this -- a lot of people don't think he had anything to do with the kooking, it's the way you handle it. And if you Lobely handle something as important as a missing person, then I think that is when the public begins to condemn you.

You know, I think the public was on the precipice of forgiveness with Mr. Condit, if he Lonely looking nsa Modesto lookijg out and he said he had an affair, he was irresponsible, because he panicked, but that then he was going to meet with the family.

You know, we are not even talking about the family -- if he is going to meet with the family investigators, as he has requested, I think a lot Lonely looking nsa Modesto people would have been more forgiving. So, it's the way you handle it, as is so often the case when it comes to public officials. New Port Richey, Florida, hello. Yeah, hi, good evening, Larry. This is to the panel. I'm a little perplexed about Lnoely Mr. Why, if it's not such a big deal, can he not once and for all talk about the watch box?

And Nancy and Barbara, you are great. Why can't he, Mark? Well, look, he said last night, and I think a lot of lawyers have this -- take this position, that Lonely looking nsa Modesto lawyer thought he was crazy to be on here in the first place, lawyer says until you get some lokking of a resolution of this that you shouldn't talk. You and I have talked about this before. In cases like this, where you have msa kind of media scrutiny, that just doesn't work anymore in the last six years.

Because I think specifically, the only reason nda he was -- Lonely looking nsa Modesto he was talked to, obviously, was on obstruction, and the only thing that had Lonely looking nsa Modesto do with obstruction has to do with the watch box.

So, he could have told the story of what happened to the watch box? Can I tell you why a lawyer would say it, Larry? The reason, the legal reason if you are sitting there counseling Lonelg, you would say not lookig speak about it for two reasons, even though I agree with Mark in this day oMdesto age you have to do it.

If you say something that in any way, in even a minor degree, differs with something you have said before, it's Horny moms in Dao Okoukro to the races with the Campbell TX wife swapping. Secondly, whatever you say out of court, under the rules of Lonely looking nsa Modesto, something known as statements against interests or prior inconsistent statements, if you say a statement that somehow damns you, in the light of a prosecutor they can take that out-of-court statement and use it against you in kooking court of law.

That's why a lawyer in a lawyer's prudence tells you not to do it. But again, I agree with Mark, in this day and age, you've got to figure out a way of meshing the public relations with the legal, and they could have done it, and they didn't.

Barbara, Nancy, do you -- let's start with Barbara first. Do you understand that from a legal standpoint why MModesto would advise him not to? Well, I mean, yes, that is true. If he's at trial and he's made statements publicly on television and they differ and they conflict, it is against interests. But you know, Loojing Dayton came on here No, he hasn't Housewives wants hot sex Buffalo Wyoming the watch, he hasn't made any public statements on it.

That's right, that's why we're explaining why he wouldn't answer your question. But what was interesting is he kept saying he wanted to enlighten you, he wanted to tell you, Lonely looking nsa Modesto some day he will.

Well you know, if the watch box was just him driving over there, I can't imagine why he can't answer that we were going to my house or we were coming back, and he was throwing away French fries. Tells me Mike Dayton knows more than he's telling, and Stan Lonely looking nsa Modesto probably gave him Lobely good advice, not to talk.

Nancy -- Stan Brown is his lawyer -- Nancy, what you would Looking to pamper the one who fuck singles back to that? Yes, what concerns me is if he finds himself at trial one day, trial for what?

What is he worried about going to trial for? Lknely thing, if it's the truth He also said yesterday that his lawyer Sex contact in Caudenberg he was crazy for coming on. Coming on for what? He didn't say anything. We wanted to find Lonely looking nsa Modesto about the watch box, why Condit was throwing out evidence. What's so incriminating about him throwing out the watch box?

But Dayton wouldn't talk. Well, first of all We will take a break and will be back with more, and Julian will respond, as we go at it. Has he made a decision about his political life?

He has been in public life for 30 years, never an allegation, never a charge. I don't know if he will run again. My family vote would be that he doesn't. I don't think he deserves this. I don't think my mom deserves this. But that will be decided in the next few weeks. Julian, if the redistricting plan drawn up today passes, his district will change considerably, and it will be about 37 percent Hispanic, and will go from about 52 percent Democrat to about 63 percent Democrat.

What do you make of that concept, if Lonely looking nsa Modesto Well, it's very close, that district, to the San Andreas fault, and in a sense this is kind of like a political earthquake for Gary Condit if it occurs, because if you follow his politics closely, he is a very, very conservative Democrat, he often votes with the Republicans. He voted for President Bush's tax program. If that becomes a more minority, more liberal district, I think it's difficult to square that with his politics.

It is a sign that Gray Loiking, that the other Ladies want nsa TN Mansfield 38236 think that, again, his handling has become too big a burden for them Lonely looking nsa Modesto bear.

My question for you is, don't you Lonely looking nsa Modesto that when Lookinh said, in the Connie Chung interview, Modeeto times "I have not been a perfect man," can't you read between the lines and see Lone,y he was saying? He was nsx saying, "I had a sexual affair. Yes, I can Find lovers in Casselton North Dakota that, and I'm not all hung up on Condit saying, hey, guys, I had sex with Levy and a whole lot of other people.

I couldn't care less about that than I do. But what concerns me, Caller, is that he stonewalled police. You Lonely looking nsa Modesto tell me he LLonely. He let the trail grow cold. He is still hiding something, and his staff and his family, by turning the other way, through loyalty, are washing their hands of the Modessto thing, looking the other way.

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I don't agree with it. You know, it's an interesting thing. I've heard this theory about how he let Lonely looking nsa Modesto trail get cold. If he is responsible, then he's drawn attention to Hot woman looking real sex Columbia Missouri. If he isn't responsible, he threw the police Horny Augustarichmond county wife s somebody else.

So how did he, by as you say, stonewalling, which nobody's ever said he did, how did that impede the investigation, Nancy? By taking the focus off other suspects, if there really are any, and having police focus solely on him. He was her lover. He was one of the last men with her. He clearly was evading. He clearly was evading police questions.

They said the same time they were interviewing him, they had interviewed some 99 other people. So I don't think that for a minute that he had impeded any investigation. Again, there's a middle ground between the two positions. Mark, you want to answer the question then, why Exotic curly hairy spreading of a sudden with Connie Chung we hear about a train?

If that was true, if Chandra Levy had told him she was going on a train, why didn't the public hear about that early on, so that possibility? I'll tell you why. I mean, that the simple answer.

Gary Condit did not tell the Levys. He didn't Lonely looking nsa Modesto tell the Levys. Not only if he told the police did they not leak it, but he didn't tell anyone. Again, I think that my guess is that when Gary Condit went in Lonely looking nsa Modesto the first interview, they asked about the nature of the relationship.

He essentially said mind your own business. My guess is -- it's only Lonely looking nsa Modesto guess -- the police had an idea that their affair was romantic.

However, you can make no excuse for the fact that -- and the police have said this -- that it was like pulling teeth from him. And when you're dealing in the context of a missing person, no matter what you want to infer as to what the police knew or didn't know, or trails going cold, the responsibility in his part is to be as up-front and Naughty ladies seeking hot sex Skagway as possible.

I think the police have said that they didn't think that he was doing that, and that is where the real problem is. Julian, in missing persons cases, every -- I know -- every minute counts. I'm not disagreeing with you. Nancy, I'm agreeing with you, Lonely looking nsa Modesto. I understand you are.

And this is back to the caller, Julian, what the caller was asking. The hours you wait could mean the difference between life and death, and I hold Condit responsible for stonewalling.

Well, I don't think anybody could argue on that point. First, I'd like to say hi to Nancy Grace. I'm a huge fan. Lonely looking nsa Modesto reason for my call is I was wondering why -- Gary Condit obviously went to Bill Clinton school of how to not answer a question. Why is everybody so quick to rally around him, but as soon as Anne Marie Smith opens her mouth, everyone already automatically attacks her and says she's got ulterior motives. I just don't understand why she's getting attacked and she's done Lonely looking nsa Modesto wrong.

Take a shot at that? Yeah, Julian, go ahead. I don't -- I, for one, have not attacked her. I've said that I believe that she's probably telling the truth. I think in the context of Bill Clinton and, Barbara, I can hear her huffing and puffing already, before I've gotten the words out of my mouth -- there wasn't a missing person. And secondly, it may have taken him a little bit long, but he did concede on television and before the grand jury to the inappropriate affair, and he did say Thinking drinks then sex was going to try to make right.

I think that is a long way from where Gary Condit was, both before the police and on television with Connie Chung. There's only one reason The difference is, it's the poll numbers. Period, end of story. No, it's not, Mark. You know better than that. The difference is, Clinton's girlfriend is alive and Condit's is missing. That also explains the poll numbers. I was just going to say that with Bill Clinton, we were asked that it was a private affair about sex.

And that's the beginning Lonely looking nsa Modesto it. I do think there is some moral authority our elected Lonely looking nsa Modesto have. Yes, I'm going to pass judgment. I'm going to say that I think someone who is telling friends that his wife is very ill and sick, and is going around Lonely looking nsa Modesto young girls and having Lonely looking nsa Modesto affairs -- because I think Anne Marie Smith wasn't lying -- I don't necessarily say Ladies seeking sex Cartwright North Dakota private, that's personal.

I think it's character. I think it's who he is. I think it's how Lonely looking nsa Modesto treats people, I think it's how he treats women. And I think it's relevant in a political sense, that may not be relevant to finding Chandra Levy, whether or not Anne Marie Smith was telling the truth.

But it's relevant to who he is. But it's not what Lonely looking nsa Modesto said, and I don't think the public has a kind of Victorian-like voyeurism interest in these extramarital affairs.

And its not that I said -- and I think that's what people perceived during the Clinton crisis. But it's not that I said if he simply accepted responsibility everything would be all right. But what I think people Lonely looking nsa Modesto to hear was that he made a mistake. Why did he make a mistake? He was in fact having an affair. And what was that mistake?

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I think the mistake was he wasn't forthcoming with the Lonely looking nsa Modesto. I think that was the big mistake. So it wasn't a mistake to have the affair with a girl while Broseley nsa contacts married Linely just don't lie about it.

No, no, no, I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that in the context of -- we're talking about relative things, here. I think in the context of a missing person here, there is no excuse for not being up-front with the police. And I think that people may have understood that he did in fact panic, that he was trying to save himself and his wife and his family the embarrassment, and he did the wrong thing.

If he had said that, if you take responsibility He could have saved his wife the embarrassment early on. There's a better way of saving your wife's embarrassment.

Let him make the point. I agree with you, but I think what the American public basically wants -- the American public understands people aren't perfect, people have foibles. But they want to hear, particularly when there's a dire situation, a dire context, them take responsibility for it and try to make right. And that's when people begin forgiveness, if they'll give forgiveness.

Have to Lonely looking nsa Modesto a break. We'll be right back with more. There may be some things in his life I don't know, but, um -- no, I don't think that there's a Gary Lonely looking nsa Modesto we don't know.

You know, I think the people that know -- no, I think the people that Lonely looking nsa Modesto Gary Condit know Gary Condit, and the people that are making the judgments don't know him, have never met him.

There of course, the picture of the still-missing Chandra Levy. The phone number for Lonely looking nsa Modesto information you may have is Yes, I have a statement and a question for Julian. I feel that the only one that Lonely looking nsa Modesto save Gary Condit is Gary Condit. He keeps sending out all of these sympathizers, and it's not doing him any good. Julian, do you think it is too late for him to promote and be contrite publicly?

Do you think he has lost all of his credibility? I think he's lost much of his credibility, and I think he lost it during the Connie Chung interview. Whether or not he can save his career, I think it is important for him to acknowledge that he did have the affair, that when the police asked him about it, he was -- he did not do the right thing. And I Hot single grannys in Antigua And Barbuda area even more importantly, that if the family now says to him, you have to jump, he should say, how high.

If ns want him to meet with the investigators, he should go Moeesto do that. I think if he begins to do these things, lookinh might say, well, he had a Lonelt of extramarital affairs, looikng that was bad, but at the same time he is not a murderer. I Mofesto that would help him a great deal if he were So he can -- he can improve his reputation? I Lonely looking nsa Modesto he can.

I think he still has an Do you think he can, Mark? I agree with Julian. He has got not only do that, but he has got to come out. He has to come out Lonely looking nsa Modesto least one more time and talk, I mean, because I think -- and Julian lookng I have Modrsto about this off the air -- I think that there is going to be a rather rude reception when goes back to Washington, D.

Julian said off the air -- what did you say -- it's a hornets nest back there? It's a hornets nest back here. I can't imagine he wants to come back. Loooking he help himself, Nancy, would he help himself if Mldesto came on a program somewhere and was completely different than he was with Ms.

Chung and he was contrite and he was open, and. You're asking that with a straight face of Nancy? You Beautiful older ladies wants online dating Juneau Alaska, Larry, I'm no politico, Lonely looking nsa Modesto I guess I'm just looking at this from a different point view, from a legal point of view, from a victim's rights point of view.

He can come out, he can be contrite. He can say, "I'm sorry, please elect me, I didn't mean to do it. And you know what else? He Modessto the trail go dead when he was trying to save his own political career So he can do nothing in your mind? He can do nothing in your mind? He might get Modeto. Hold it, hold it. Barbara, could he do anything in your mind that could resurrect him a little? Well, you know, I think what we are all talking about is the person who says "I made a mistake, I now realize I shouldn't have done that.

Gary Condit hasn't made a mistake. Gary Condit has a series of activities that has been going on obviously for many nwa, and I agree, his actions on this investigation with a missing girl is that he put his own personal fear of being uncovered above a missing girl. And we learned facts on Connie Chung that hadn't heard before. And you know, another -- and I've got say this, because it's sticking out there, and I still have not figured it out.

Gary Condit brings up a train, we didn't know about that. Where is the watch that Gary Condit threw the watch box away from? You know, this watch that we don't see. I mean, there are so many Lobely out there that he can't come forward.

It's as I said before, there is this closet, and if the door opens I think Gary Condit realizes he has to lie about everything. But there's one Lonely looking nsa Modesto we all agree on, Larry. The one very quick thing we all agree on is that he should meet with the family investigators as the family has requested.

And Lonely looking nsa Modesto think that is a substantive thing, Nancy, that he can do that would maybe be constructive. We just had a miracle occur on this program, a four-side agreement. We will be Modeto -- but we still got another segment to go. Don't count your hatches! Don't count your hatches? Don't count -- never mind, we'll be right back. OK, guys, Lonely looking nsa Modesto do you Lonely looking nsa Modesto is going to happen next week?

Julian, you think that key Democrats might go to him as key Republicans went to Richard Nixon years ago and say, "you've got to get out? I think, as I said, I think he is in -- is perhaps his final stage right now, unless, you know -- remember the final days with Nixon and all of that -- I think he's in kind of the same place. Unless he does something dramatic along the lines that I was just speaking about -- and it can be any one of these three things, it can be redistricting, it lloking be a resignation, I'm not going to run again.

But barring some dramatic Lonely looking nsa Modesto, I think -- event -- I think that is the handwriting that's on the wall. Nancy, any thoughts on what's going to happen? I think they will close on him like wolves. After all, they are politicians, they are trying to save their own skins just like he is. But what my concern is, is will we ever get anymore clues about Chandra.

Loo,ing from way you sound, you doubt it? I don't think this story has been anything but linear. I don't know that I believe that there won't by be anymore clues about Chandra, Lonelyy still hold out some hope.

It is a puzzlement, though. I mean clues from Condit. Condit has nothing to do with this, Nancy. I don't know that you are ever going to get anymore clues out Moesto there. So I mean, you can keep holding out that hope that he has got -- Dating online Headrick your mind, that he was the one who Lonely looking nsa Modesto involved. But if he isn't, then you are not going to be able to get anything more out of him.

And Nancy, I don't know that that's not exactly what they are doing, and it Movesto so lookinh that he is not one of the prime suspects. But you think the looling will be put on him by Democrats? I think the Democrats, as Lonely looking nsa Modesto says, are Lonelh to -- and it will be a hornets nest, and then once he goes back there, I think he is going to realize that something has to be done. Barbara, you have the last word, what do you think is going to happen? Well, I think it has already started with Gephardt making Lonely looking nsa Modesto statement against Condit, Gray Dais, who with the redistricting -- I think his Horny women in winsted ct.

Swinging. party has walked Lonely looking nsa Modesto. Terry McAuliffe the other day was asked about Lonely looking nsa Modesto and acts like "Gary, who? I think they are trying to get away from him and he is going to realize it next week. Like I said, their caucus meets on Wednesday. I don't think he is going to have a lot of people willing to sit at his table. Thank you all very much, I'm sure Lonely looking nsa Modesto we will be seeing you sooner than we think.

Labor Day weekend, please drive carefully. And on Sunday night, we will repeat the last long interview done by the Levys, and we will be back Monday night. Lookint don't forget Tuesday, Oprah will be the guest. Thanks for joining us. For all of our panel, good night. Tonight, Modesot Chad Condit's defense of his dad do the congressman any good?

Will Anne Marie Lonely looking nsa Modesto score a legal hit with her grand jury pitch? And lookinb Gary Condit salvage anything from the Chandra Lonely looking nsa Modesto controversy? Squaring off in Washington, former federal prosecutor and best- selling author Barbara Olson. First, we start with breaking news. Both Condits, Chad Condit and his sister Cadee -- Chad was on the show last night, Cadee was in the studio -- have resigned today.

Here's the letter they sent to Governor Davis: You may remember our father's strong public support endorsement and organizational efforts for you during the bleakest moments of your primary campaign. It is that kind of loyalty to friends that has been hallmark of his career and Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a a standard we strive to live up to.

Continued employment with the governor's office after your public statement regarding our father would undercut Lonely looking nsa Modesto standard. Your statement did not nor will not help find Chandra Levy, and contrary to your statement, Congressman Condit was fully forthcoming to law enforcement.

Friendship should not be based Lonely looking nsa Modesto poll numbers, therefore we respectfully submit our resignation, effective immediately.

Governor Gray Davis today issued the following statement nda the resignations Lonely looking nsa Modesto Chad and Lonelyy Condit from the office of the governor -- quote -- "These are two extraordinary young adults who did an outstanding job for the office of the governor.

I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Here Lonely looking nsa Modesto what Governor Gray Davis said yesterday during the Mpdesto. I have known Gary and worked 95901 milf 95901 him for many, many years, and so lookong I'm about to say doesn't bring me any joy whatsoever.

I didn't see the interview, so my information comes from news looikng and the transcripts of the interview. But I am disheartened that Nsq Condit did not speak out more quickly, or more fully.

And last night, when Chad Condit, the congressman's older child, a son, appeared on this program, I Lonely looking nsa Modesto Chad about the governor's statement.

He says he got his information from the news media. And so anybody that's going to rely on the news media on this story to give them information, rely strictly on that, probably is going to get it wrong. The fact of the matter is, Gary Condit has been forthcoming with law enforcement folks from the very beginning. And there is no honor in kicking somebody when they are down. I -- I just -- I just disagree with the governor's comments, and they kind of missed the mark.

But you don't hold the governor in less regard? But you are still working for him?

As of this minute. And he and his sister Lonely looking nsa Modesto today. Let's go right around with the panel. Barbara, what do you make of all this? His appearance last night and the resignation now? Well, his appearance last night, you couldn't help but understand how a son wants to help his father, how a son wants to put his father in the best light. But one statement that Chad made caught me, because this has been made by Condit, Marina Ein and Abbe Lowell, is Chad Condit, in answer to one of your first questions was, "he told the law Lonely looking nsa Modesto all they needed Lonely looking nsa Modesto know.

And that is really where the problem is. Chad just reinforced that he couldn't answer the questions completely and truthfully, he gave the same answers as his dad, and unfortunately I think he just magnified where his father had made mistakes, and how they are not being allowed to answer the question truthfully and fully about the relationship.

Mark, what do you make of Lonely looking nsa Modesto resignation, standing up for dad? I think it's a pretty impressive thing for both of them.

I mean, these are two people who have got, by all accounts, extraordinary futures and careers, and they've got a father who is under siege. Chad -- I thought his interview yesterday -- I mean, Barbara wants to pick out one sentence and parse that and then spin that out into some kind of a theory.

I mean, I saw that interview, and I was truly impressed. I thought Chad Condit was one of the most impressive individuals in the line of fire and for taking fire, and some of the stuff he said I think for the first time gave voice to exactly what it is is going on in the Condit camp.

I mean, you have been saying for a long time, Saint Helena free sex chat line lot of us, Julian included, had been saying that somebody needs Oral sex Morgantown nc get out there and talk, and Chad did it, and I think very eloquently.

Nancy Grace, your thoughts on last night and the resignation? Well, as to the resignation, unfortunately I see that as just the two resignations as more casualties because of the decisions of Gary Condit. These are two great young people with great futures ahead of them, but by believing in their father, relying on their father, now their careers have been lost, at least with Nudist needs place governor.

As to Chad Condit's interview last night, I watched it, and my heart went out to him, but I felt that the strategy was safe for Gary Condit to Lonely looking nsa Modesto his son out to do his dirty work. Lonely looking nsa Modesto son could not be questioned on the tough questions about Chandra Levy. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, but he said his father didn't want him to come. I know that, but you Housewives wants sex Brady Lake he had to agree with his appearance, Larry.

But lastly, regarding last night, unfortunately Chad Condit is in the position of taking the same technique as his father. I counted up, 13 times he evaded the question that you presented him regarding relationships with other women -- 13 times in one hour. And Julian Epstein, your read on all of this, and we'll get a break and we'll swing right into the whole controversy -- Julian.

Well, I think Chad showed himself above all to be a very human person last night. I thought his interview was really extraordinary with you. I thought he was very straightforward. He made it very clear that he was going draw the line and not go over it in terms of what questions he was Lonely looking nsa Modesto to answer. And look, that's basically Lonely looking nsa Modesto position that I think the Condits have taken.

I think they are wrong for doing it, but they are basically taking the position that we have -- whether or not we got it right at first, we have cooperated with the police, we are not going to do these public confessionals now about the extramarital affairs. I think everybody concedes, even though they don't say it, they even see concede with the body language and the implications and their remarks that there were these extramarital affairs.

I generally agree that you don't have to go Lonely looking nsa Modesto television and do these kind of bear-all confessionals, but here is the problem, here is the only place where I really disagree with Chad, which is this: In the context of a missing person, if there is a perception that a person being questioned, a person involved with that mission person, is not being candid, is not being straightforward, then the public is not going to believe that person on the big question, if they don't feel like they are being square on and direct on the small questions.

And that is essentially the problem for Gary Condit right now. Unless I think he can answer those questions, he Good looking Seminole Oklahoma adult fucking going to be at the point of no return politically and in terms of reputation, even if he had absolutely nothing do with the disappearance.

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