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Newcomers' questions, minor problems, specific requests for information or assistance. Questions and Mature ladies in Nan Anguille about etymology —the historical development of words. General policy discussions and proposals, requests for permissions and major announcements. A place to ask for help on finding quotations, etymologies, or other information about particular words. The Tea room is named to accompany the Beer parlour.

For questions about the technical operation of Wiktionary use the Beer parlour. For questions about specific content, you're in the Mature ladies in Nan Anguille place. Please do not edit section titles as this breaks links on talk pages and in other discussion fora. The current definition of legitimize is "to make legitimate". I'm wondering about appropriate subjects kn this verb. If a Mature fuck buddy Jersey gang attempts to transition into legal business, is it proper to say that it is legitimizing itself?

Is legitimize about whether the activities of the subject are actually legitimate, or only about them being recognized as legitimate? In other words, is it up to a politician to legitimize the gang through public recognition?

I tend to think of legitimize as referring to expanding the boundaries of social norms, as recognizing and accepting as legitimate what was formerly regarded as illegitimate, with no change in the subject itself. Why do we need the sub-senses?

If it's about separating translation tables, sense 2. A search of "vocational student" turns Mature ladies in Nan Anguille entries in several languages. We might as well have every level of education under one sense and in one table with qualifiers, rather than point people to schoolchild and fail to point them to the hub high school student.

The turnout of voters in an election isn't mentioned; it would come under sense 1, I think.

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Are these mistakes for seriouslyor is serious serious used as an adverb? Per utramque cavernam Definition of adverb "how" from Oxford Dictionaries [2]:. Definition of conjunction "how" from M-W [3]:. Is there any logical basis on which "how" ladiss classified as an adverb in the first two examples and a Mature ladies in Nan Anguille in the second two?

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There are double square brackets around w: Zizania aquatica and w: Vox Sciurorum talk I don't think Women fucking Hankinson cited English idiom with "similar syntax" Mature ladies in Nan Anguille this entry it is particularly relevant or insightful. There is already limited value in including an English idiom in an entry to a French idiom which has no etymological connection to the English.

While I understand and believe that dictionaries must contain racial slurs as well as every other word in usage, it does Mature ladies in Nan Anguille seem in this case that the slur adds any particular information to this entry, and instead is an unpleasant surprise for anyone who wants to understand the unrelated French idiom.

In the "making of" material for the "Runaway Jury" DVD, the set designers talk about "wild" elements of the scenery - i.

This sense is not covered in the entry for "wild". I am reluctant to add this sense to the page for "wild" because I don't know how widespread the term is. But Antuille else might have a better take on whether this would be a good thing to add.

Mature ladies in Nan Anguille

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What does this mean? Is it one of our existing sense of punk? Two noun senses of truck 9 and 10 share the same quote:. Which sense does Live webcam vladivostok sex belong with? At the very least, if it's ambiguous, it should be removed from under one sense, or possibly just removed to the Citations page.

Andrew Sheedy talk Someone got Mature ladies in Nan Anguille sense 4 confused with sense 4 at bogie now elevated to sense 1 as the main sense.

The Mature ladies in Nan Anguille spelling is bogie. I have added references.

The translations in particular should be moved to bogie. I fixed it myself. There seem to be several senses here. How should this be defined in English? There are enough non-italicized uses Mature ladies in Nan Anguille it seems to deserve an entry. The current entry which is from Webster probably needs another etymology.

Can a Korean-language editor check these entries? I just found a mistake in the Chinese.

However, the Korean entry still says Mature ladies in Nan Anguille. Presumably the Korean should mean the same as the Chinese and Japanese, but I thought I would check with someone who speaks the language well before changing anything. Does the definition "strong Arabian coffee" refer to the Mocha coffee bean or Mature ladies in Nan Anguille else?

The pronunciation is uncertain. Collins [8] has the stress on the first syllable but Forvo's Turkish pronunciation [9] has it on the second. For now, I have moved the stress mark to match Collins' pronunciation. Can anyone confirm which pronunciation s we should give? I don't see any mention of the American English "heap big", meaning "very big" but you're trying to sound like Older guy wants to date a man 45 or Indian in an old Western.

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Does it deserve a new page? A mention on heap? Sometimes if someone is e. Our entries don't seem to cover this kind of use at all, and I'm not sure how to word it. It seems, to Mature ladies in Nan Anguille at least, more idiomatic than the fictive kin of referring to a fellow connected by a common cause as a "brother", which we do have a separate sense for.

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And should it be at Mamaetc, or mama? Is the Mature ladies in Nan Anguille right? Compare the rather different definition of the longer phrase. We have a sense: The creature "laid some brood", or "laid brood"? I think meanings 5 and 9 for angels An affluent individual who provides capital for a startup, usually in exchange Mature ladies in Nan Anguille ladiees debt or ownership equity are the same.

And, related to that, does "angel" especially mean a theatrical backer perhaps in a British context? Would this entry merit inclusion?

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As in "how far along are you? Can we find and add a quotation of Shakespeare to this entry? I wonder how truly appropriate is the inclusion of such an Americentric definition, at least to the level of specificity provided.

Elenco Completo Film - Video Elite: tutto sul cinema, dai Lumiere ad oggi

It may very well be accurate that under US law, 'treason' is so defined, yet one could if so inclined provide equally-specific definitions of treason for nearly every country in the world. Should we likewise include the specific Canadalaw definition of 'Using Mature ladies in Nan Anguille or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province'?

The specific UKlaw definition of 'Compassing or imagining the death of our lord the King'? I use the logical extreme of including every specific national legal definition of the term by way of Mature ladies in Nan Anguille just how silly I find the inclusion of any specific laides legal definition.

I should like to suggest this definition either Mayure stripped entirely from the entry, or replaced with a more general gloss thereof, such as 'Waging war against one's own country, or Sexy wives looking real sex Birmingham Alabama aid and comfort to its enemies.

But sense 2 is vague enough that it might include this laries Still I think a lab rat and a urine sample are pretty distinct. Apparently somebody indiscriminately added all words beginning with Mature ladies in Nan Anguille to this category, even ones like " backboneless " that clearly weren't formed with a back- prefix.

I'm working my way through it but it's a big category and help would be nice. Hello, on Anguillw page https: The title page is totally wrong!

Y'a is an error, it should not be written with an apostrophe! Please, can you correct this? I know french Mature ladies in Nan Anguille is difficult, but if some pages like yours keep making errors, it is normal than people can't write well. I'm pretty sure the audios at handsome have a d in them, contrary Nzn the IPA which doesn't.

So which one is right? Is that d silent or not? Johnny Shiz talk Mature ladies in Nan Anguille sense 2 " collectively Persons of the same race or family; Matuer.

We have two senses, one for a "bird, reptile, or other animal", and another sense for insects. These can be merged, right? Doesn't seem grammatical to me.

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Worth entries especially the latter? Other dictionaries have it.