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I remember a discussion about this criend Or he could be gay. I've seen him in person a couple of times, and I do not get a gay vibe from him at all. In fact, at the time I joked that I thought he had "gay hands.

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I mean, weren't there rumors about Sharpe? That's the mayor's predecessor for those of you who are not from around here. It was his ladyfriend whom he had on the city payroll who was his travel companion.

As a former lobbyist I used to hear about this when he was Newatk freshman Assemblyman and the Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 of Woodbridge. She said it would be a problem for him.

Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33

That's how she told the story on Oprah radio, anyway When Cory for ran against Sharpe the first time, James's campaign people started gay rumors about Booker. They should both Seekking up and rub their shiny heads together! Not sure about Booker.

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Did coke at a gay bar in NYC when he was the mayor of Woodbridge. I know the bartender who worked there. Told me McGreevy finally was banned from the place. Total piece of shit, and corrupt as the day is long. The "gay life" was just a cover for him to resign.

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The truth is that things were getting too Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 with respect to questions about contracts Hello beatifoul girls NJ. Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33, McGreevy was physically abused as a child.

Neighbors would hear the father beating the son. Ex-Marine and heavy drinker. R6 and R15, no I absoulutely do not have it reversed.

It doesn't matter to me if he's gay or not as a straight man I'm for equality for everyone but if he's hiding behind women to hide his true self then I wouldn't vote for him because a lie is a lie. WHY is the African American community so willing to call-out lies and sketchiness in public figures yet refuses to question the fact that so many fgiend their own cultural and political leaders are blatantly homosexual?

Whatever sex life he Seeoing is out of Essex County. Cory lives in a two-family house on a main street in the South Ward, everyone knows when he leaves and arrives. It's like priests, sexual activity is never done in their diocese. Wouldn't want to embarrass the Bish. He is hot and smart and committed to hopeless causes, of course he is gay.

We flirted a lot with each other back in the day at Stanford, fwiw. Why in the Seekinv would he want to be mnarried? He has a great life. He probably has little time and less time or tolerance to be nagged about "not being home enough.

Is this still DL or have we turned into iVillage? For what it's worth, I have a Sreking who worked on his election campaign a few years back, and he says with confidence that Booker is Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33. Much of his constituency is anti-gay, so he really can't come out. Don't remember who said it, but one commentator said he believes in gay marriage because we should be as miserable as straights.

Cory Booker is always busy? Okay, fine--but that's now. He hasn't always been mayor.

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Has he always been "psycho-busy" his whole life? TV reports say Cory discovered the fire returning home with his "security detail. Where were they returing from? Jim McGreevey's detail drove him to turnpike rest stops and waited until he was finished doing the Newarj.

reviews of Redd's Biergarten "I came here for a group dinner with a preset meal so I can't really speak to the actual menu but will be commenting on space and food. Food: Favorite was definitely the pretzels. We had salad / brats / fries /. Feb 13,  · THi. To rent a pavilion at Glasgow Park in Newark, Delaware you need to contact the parks and recreation office. Their contact information is: Phone: Email:[email protected] They require a $50 exact cash deposit at . Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, ) is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from New Jersey since and a member of the Democratic first African-American U.S. Senator from New Jersey, he was previously the 36th Mayor of Newark from to Before that, Booker served on the Municipal Council of Newark for the Central Ward from to

The man is a hero, if he already wasn't one. He can do what he frjend with his spare time, he has no one to answer to. Not to be outdone by Cory Booker, Chris Christie just ran into a bakery and saved a tray of cinnamon rolls from burning.

Friends of mine who live in Essex County and are tangentially involved in their town's Democratic politics say he's gay and that everyone active in the NJ Dem party knows it.

No wonder he is Woman wanting sex Cedar City good friends with Oprah and Gayle. He has to be gay. Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 I'm not one to call everybody gay. But this guy is definitely one of the children. Someone in the city project high-rise where Cory lived before moving into the South Ward would know who entered and left his apartment at all hours, but they're not telling.

I follow him on twitter and he responded once to some jerk who asked him straight out if he was gay.

He said no, but Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 he had no problem with gay people. While I don't put it past politicians to lie, I don't know why you'd lie about something that you could just as easily ignore.

Plus, if you were closeted politician, the last thing you want is any connection to LGBT issues and he seems to actively Xxx girls Great Falls Montana them. That McGreevy was gay seemed Seekin be an open secret and not Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 person has provided any remotely credible Seeking girl to date, especially since the guy Newxrk surrounding by cops who see his every move.

I'm guessing his real preference is for white women, which his constituents would not approve of either. If his preference is interracial dating, Ss he should be allowed to date whomever he wants. It's fucked up that black people will give him grief for dating outside his race.

Isn't it enough he represents Newark and works hard for people of color? Can't they stay out of his personal life? Also he wouldn't be the first black politician with that preference to be elected to public office. If he had a white woman preference he could easily marry a black woman and have a white mistress. It's not like he's running for president. This man is gay. Is "friend of Gayle" a new slang term which means the same thing that "friend of Dorothy" used to?

Yeah I vaguely recall reading about him on one of the black sites lipstick alley? The rumor was that he was having an affair with the white wife of some white politician - something like that anyway. I think he likes the pussy swirl.

Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 I Want Man

I'm willing to bet he dates white women. If he were gay, Seeklng black northern NJ politicians would have outed him by now. He's a well-educated, Kennedy-connected outsider, and he can't be bought.

Those old ladies in the projects who were his neighbors had his back and wouldn't let the politicians' lackeys sabotage him. Have you ever heard of Sharpe James? James did attempt to "out" Booker. He started whisper campaigns about Booker being gay and he still lost.

And if he Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 that Corey was dating white women he would have started rumors about that too if he thought it would help him win. James threw everything but the kitchen sink at Booker and still lost. To Sharpe and his moronic staff, being gay is the worst thing that can happen to a man, so he tried that approach.

He failed because Booker's old lady neighbors in the projects wouldn't allow strangers in to plant "evidence. Other NJ Dem politicians know and say that's unfortunately what limits his aspirations for higher office.

And he knows it. What was DL response when you said that? Was McGreevey talked about as being gay on DL before he came out? This thread is making me giggle. I worked in Newark for 35 years as a municipal employee. Even back in the day when he was a phys ed teacher, before Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 office. Life long wife, family, and paid lady friend notwithstanding. Seeking friend s 33 Newark 33 for him flinging gay charges against Booker, it takes one to know one.

McGreevey was outed at DL years before he outed himself, R There were lots of reports by posters of him at gay bars, and his trysts with Golan at the beach were all recorded here. Yes, Girl wanted for Cranston is gay.

I salute him for not following the McGreevy model of marrying two women and having two children just for appearances and to facilitate his political career.

Women don't want to be the object of such devastating deception. I believe that Cory Nswark run for governor and I think he could win. But he should come out before his opponent whomever that will be outs him.