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I Am Wanting Couples The whole package i got it you want it

I Am Searching Sex

The whole package i got it you want it

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Age: 50
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Look Teen Sex
City: Columbus, OH
Hair: Pink
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There are two categories that I know of.

By the sound of it, if he says "You are the whole package" I take that as him referring to you as a "keeper". You're his best friend You're the most beautiful to him.

You're in his heart. In short, it means you're everything he ever wanted in a girl N a relationship.

It sounds like you have a really great thing! It means he's totally obsessed with you which could last a lifetime or maybe two weeks. Means different things to different people.

For me it means I have looks, personality, intelligence, AND talent. When a man says this to you, what does he mean?

He said I was the whole package and I was wondering if that meant physically, mentally, what? Do girls get less shallow as they get older?

What are Daddy Issues? If a girl can't look you in the eyes does it mean you're an ugly dud? Why do women love ruining our lives?

Is it weird to not have a crush? They say you know when true love hits you. Well, I sure do: Some effective ways to make women orgasm!!!

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